Testing Day 3 – BUILD

Illawarra Athletic – Build


a: Bulgarian split squat (Max weight for 8 reps per leg)

Must be unbroken. If back foot hits the ground the set must start again. Can rest between legs.


WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

Every 3:00 x3

Complete at 75/85 and 95%

Row 8/5cal AFAP

Burpee x3

AKBS x5 24/16

Burpee x3

Row 8/5cal AFAP

Rest 10:00 then c)


c: Heinousuck! (2 Rounds for time)


Row 250m

Burpee x15

AKBS x25 (32/24)

Burpee x15

Row 250m

R12:00 exactly then repeat.
Note each time.

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