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Success Stories

At any other gym, I've always been so intimidated by the weights and called it "the guy's section". Josh and Philippa have taught me lifting is for women too, and I've never felt better. They've encouraged me from the start, correcting my technique and always giving me the time of day. I've never once felt out of place or uncomfortable here, and the motivation you get when you see fantastic results speaks for itself.


Before I started at the gym I was unfit and unhealthy. I had tried every diet around and exercised sporadically. I saw the 6-week challenge and thought what have I got to lose. Since starting in I have not looked back, I am fitter and eating better than I ever have. My relationship with food has changed and I have lost weight. I enjoy going to the gym and the guys & girls I train with are all fantastic and really support and encourage each other. I am feeling and looking so much better that my husband has now joined the gym too.


"My coaches and my ‘fitness’ family have encouraged and supported me the whole way.


"Thanks to Josh and Phili’s coaching to support my fitness goals as well as helping me to get my nutrition and mobility on track. I am now stronger, faster and healthier than I have never been.


"I have been training with Josh and Phili for close to 3 years. Their technical expertise is phenomenal and their ability to impart it is second to none.