Strength training before speed training

Strength training before speed training

This is going to be a vast oversimplification because many people are starting (or re-starting) their fitness journeys from many different places.

Many people who are wanting to start a new fitness regime for themselves often ask “where do I start?”. The next move (unfortunately) all too often is a trip to the local gym to do a fitness class or go running for 5km (for some reason it is always 5kms?)

Although these are not bad things to do. On the contrary they are great! But if they are done out of place the results can be disastrous.

Picture this:
Sophie does her first class. She feels great, her endorphins are up and her dopamine response gears her to come back in 3 days, which she does. This goes on for 9 weeks when she starts to feel a pain in her shoulder and her knee. She tries to ‘stretch-it-out’ and push through. But the pain only gets worse and now it hurts to raise her arm above her head and to walk down any stairs. She decides to go to a physio and to her dismay she learns she has tendonitis in her shoulder and her patella (knee cap area). She is told to stop training which is a blow to her ego more than anything. Her old eating habit hits back with a vengeance and she is back to square-one before she can say “tim-tams”.

Yep this type of thing can happen where too much high-intensity training is favoured over more controlled strength training. Eventually the tissues just can’t keep up and the person is left with a bill for a few sessions from the physio.

So if you are just coming into this health and fitness game, even if you have done it before and have had some time off. Make sure your program has a majority of strength training protocols over high-intensity training protocols.

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