BUILD – 7 November

Illawarra Athletic – Build


a1: Unilateral lower push (3×8)

Bulgarians @2010; 3×8/s (1/4BW+ goal)

a2: Upper lower pull (power development) (3×5-7)

DB P.Sn; 3×5-7/s alt.(30/20 goal, take your time with these, not a metcon!)

b1: Bend (3×5)

Wtd. GHDhip ext. @3123; 3×5 (20/10 goal)

b1: Unilateral lower push (power development) (3×6/leg)

SL box jump x6/leg (20/12″, increase 1-2″ if easy)


c: Muscular endurance repeatability. #2 (2 Rounds for time)

Each for time @90% CAP5

Pull-up 21-15-9

Thruster 9-15-21 @95/65#


P.Snatch 15-12-9

Burpee bar hop 9-12-15

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