Illawarra Athletic – Balance


a1: Upper horiz. push (3xM6-F8)

CGBP @3010; 3xM6-F8

a2: Upper vertical pull (3xM6-F8)

Banded sup. chin-ups @2010; 3xM6-F8

a3: Postural end. (3×0:45.side)

Side bridge: 3×0:45/side

b1: Box step up (ecc. focus) (3x16alt.)

Box step up @3010; 3×16 (total)

b2: Unilateral upper pull (3×8.side)

SA ring row @3010; 3×8.side


c: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

EMOM12 (Rx+ AMRAP12)

i) NPU burpee x10 (Rx+ burpee)

ii) Med ball squat x20 (Rx+ Wall ball)

iii) Jump rope x90 (Rx+ Double under x30)

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