Illawarra Athletic – Balance


WU: Upper Push/Pull WU (No Measure)

i) 3R

60sec Airbike

Crawl >

Inch worm x5 <
ii) BP shoulders

iii) Standing ext/int rotations x20 (small plates)

Upper push/pull

a1: Dumbbell strict press (@3010; 4×10)

a2: Banded pron. pull-ups (3×8)

Use a wide grip.

Band will need to be thicker than what you’re used to.

a3: FLR (3×1:00)

Front Leaning Rest


b: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Rx: Dubs x10 or Singles x30 Rx+: Dubs x30

Rx: Med ball squat x20 Rx+: Wall Ball x20

Rx: Slam ball x12 (12/9) Rx+: Dumbbell snatch x10alt. (15/10kg)

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