BALANCE (Beginner – Intermediate)

BALANCE (Beginner – Intermediate)

It’s all in the name!

The BALANCE program is designed to give you broad but balanced training experience across the different modes there is to offer in strength, conditioning and wellness training. Many people, whether they know it or not, specialise in a given discipline within fitness. For instance, a power lifter will be very very strong but does not possess much in the way of aerobic endurance, or there is the opposite scenario where we have a marathon runner who is super fit aerobically but is usually quite weak in terms of muscular strength. What if I told you could be right in the middle, and what if I told you that that form of training will deliver the best and more importantly lasting, results?

The BALANCE program delivers just that. You’ll train to be strong and create lean muscle tone as well as chasing creating greater aerobic fitness so that you have more energy in your day to day life and things like, chasing kids, chasing a bus or running down a football or netball field is not as hard as it should be.

The other elements of the BALANCE program are to put some focus on nutritional and lifestyle habits. We help create ‘big-win’ scenarios which combined with your training program will almost guarantee success.

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