WELCOME to Illawarra Athletic wellness and performance gym where we encourage motivated men and women from all walks of life from the Albion Park, Shellharbour regions plus surrounding suburbs. Inside our walls we assist in creating a better life for our members. We are determined to show people that they can have a happier, healthier life through our health and fitness methods. At Illawarra Athletic we use a commonsensical approach to wellness. No gimmicks, no “magic” pills or shakes. 

Our Mission

Is to safely provide anyone willing optimal health and a sense of personal growth and accomplishment via a coaching experience of the highest quality.

Our Vision

Is to be a leading name in health and performance in the Greater Illawarra Region, the state of N.S.W. and Australia via face to face and also online platforms.

Our Promise

Is to deliver a premium, well-balanced and personal fitness coaching experience with the wants and needs of our clients in mind unlike any of our competitors.

Our Programs



Beginner – Intermediate

The BALANCE program is designed to give you a broad but balanced training experience across the different modes there is to offer in strength, conditioning and wellness training.

Many people, whether they know it or not, specialise in a given discipline within fitness. For instance, many train to be strong but often forget aerobic endurance, on the other hand many train to be fit (runners for example) usually quite underdeveloped in terms of muscular strength. What if I told you could be right in the middle?

The BALANCE program delivers just that. You’ll train to be strong and create lean muscle tone as well as chasing creating greater aerobic fitness so that you have more energy in your day-to-day life and things like, chasing kids, a bus or running down a football/netball field is not as hard as it should be.



Intermediate – Advanced

The BRIDGE program is very similar to BALANCE in that the outcome we are trying to deliver to our clients is that of a well-balanced fitness experience.


This program however steps things up just a little bit. The movements are more complex and the demand on your strength and fitness “systems” are higher.


This program introduces a competitive training program is to someone who possible is thinking of competing in fitness (CrossFit style) competitions and is perfect for someone who has been doing this style of training for 1-2 years.



Advanced – Competitive

Are you a competitive athlete? The BEAST program may be perfect for you.


This program is not for the faint of heart. With a high demand in terms of strength training, a substantial workload with regards to endurance training and some lifestyle requirements, the BEAST program will ask the very best of you and will assume you are willing to give it.


This program is perfect for a competitor in any power sport (football, netball, soccer etc.) and is well formulated for a CrossFit athlete.



“Functional Bodybuilding”

Not all people are into a “high-intensity” way of doing things in the gym.


Functional strength is absolutely foundational and every person can benefit from a bodybuilding-style program. Functional Bodybuilding isn’t about how big you can get, although lean mass does help, it gives you the strength base necessary to continue to improve your fitness potential.


This program is perfect for anyone, competitor or not. Create a rock solid body that supports so you so you can handle all the demands of life.

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    5 star review  I've never been athletic but after 3 years with Josh & Phili, I've never been fitter. They program workouts to suit all walks of life and are dedicated to fitness and working with everyone who comes into their gym. If you are in the area, do yourself a favour and give them a go.

    thumb Debbie Young

    5 star review  I've been training at IA for almost a month and I absolutely love it. Philippa & Josh have created such a fun, energetic atmosphere that makes working out all the better. Great coaches and awesome members. Couldn't recommend it more! �

    thumb Madeline Kate

    5 star review  Had the pleasure of doing training and working with Philli & Big Josh in a business capacity in Sydney and I can't recommend them highly enough! not only as trainers and coaches but as genuine caring people who focus on the members more then themselves and not seeing them as just a number but treating them like family �� Get there!

    thumb Danny Pearson


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Kate Mulligan, Oak Flats


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Alex Hewison, Oak Flats


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Vanessa Thomson, Oak Flats


What I love about Illawarra Athletic Community spirit Josh & Phillys encouragement Josh teaches you good technique Coffee and prepared meals for sa...

Elizabeth Renton, Oak Flats

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